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Banderooge [holding a sign that says Real Ad]: Hello there. I'm Banderooge, and I'd like to take some time to talk to you about... Chocolate Moose.     Banderooge [holding portrait of RL]: Rober Leighton, the guy who draws the Banderooge comic strip, has been publishing a humor magazine called 'Chocolate Moose' for the past four years.     Banderooge [tearing up the RL portrait]: The new issue, #22, has just come out. It costs 50 cnets, which even I can afford, and you can get it at the Norris Book Center, Hoo's Drugs, and from Robert himself.     Banderooge [sitting at desk with Monroe burried in piles of issues of CM]: Get a copy today. They're very funny. Rober tlives at N.U. Apartments (1725 Orrington Ave) #219. And his phone number is 492-8625. Oh -- back issues are available, too.

Thank you.

Undated -- did it ever run in the Daily Northwestern?

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