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Sorority Girl [standing next to Mimi]: I'm so nervous about tonight, Mimi! As a new pledge here, I really want to make a good impression on the guys!     Mimi: That's a nice attitude to have, Hilary. The girls of Theta Alpha Beta must always put forth a favorable appearance, especially at exchanges.     Mimi: Always smile, be friendly, and laugh at every joke when we get together. We hand-pick our fraternity exchanges carefully.

Hilary: Wow!
    Mimi [whispering to Hilary]: We don't have a 91% marriage rate into the top 5% income bracket for nothing, you know.    

[Theta Alpha Beta = TaB, which was a one calorie diet soft drink (sweetened with saccharine) by Coca Cola that was very popular with sorority girls. Diet Coke was introduced in 1982]

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